Infinity House responds to changing climatic conditions through natural ventilation in all directions, two integral fish ponds, vegetation that cools the summer breeze, and large awnings and timber screening that shade the living areas while providing privacy.

Public spaces to the east are separated from private spaces to the west by a central structural zone. Constructed of timber studwork and clad with Spruce veneer, this core accommodates the service and storage requirements of the home and integrates corridors that link public and private areas.

A defining element in the interior is the sinuous skylight that runs the length of the building and washes light down the eastern external wall. The shadow cast from the exposed Laminated Veneer Lumber beams in the roof structure provide rhythm and interest. Through careful detailing and craftsmanship, what would ordinarily be a concealed structural element has been turned into a design feature.

Externally, stud frame walls are clad with Western Red Cedar shiplap boards, stained black and orientated vertically. This creates a bold, modest aesthetic which contrasts with the clear oiled Western Red Cedar doors and windows, used specifically in this application due to its light weight and durability. The longitudinal division of the home is expressed externally with the metal clad butterfly roof, which collects rainwater that is stored in an extensive sub-floor bladder tank system. As a result of raising the floor structure, a generous water storage system could be installed, and clean unobstructed spans in the living and private areas could be achieved.

“CplusC provided a combined architectural and building service that perfectly suited our requirements when we decided to develop our property.

Clinton Cole utilises his experience in both disciplines to provide practical and innovative solutions for his clients whilst maintaining commercial common sense. The level of trust that was established at the start was justified throughout the project by Clinton and his hard working team. Both the design and construction process were coordinated in an efficient and professional manner and in close consultation with us.

CplusC provide a high quality service at a fair price. Four years on we feel satisfied that we made a good decision to work with Clinton and CplusC. We regularly receive comments and inquiries from people about our property.”

David | Client

Photographed by Murray Fredericks