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Our Approach

From the initial client brief, through to design and project management, CplusC offers exceptional architectural design services. The practice is committed to delivering well-crafted, sustainable and innovative design outcomes as well as the capacity to offer in-house construction services under our builders license. We consider design and construction as complementary services which, when combined, give you the best possible project outcome.

The studio has a simple ethos –deliver exceptional outcomes by taking full control and responsibility for both the architectural design and the construction of each project we are involved with. The practice employs a highly regarded team of architects who are trained in-house under the guidance of Director Clinton Cole. Clinton’s experience as both a registered architect and licensed builder have left him extraordinarily well positioned to mentor staff to work as construction managers and contract administrators. This ensures that buildability and cost effectiveness are considered during the design phase of our projects, ensuring each project is finely crafted and skilfully resolved.  Similarly, our construction team is committed to realising the architectural intent of each project.

It is this collaborative and holistic approach that has enabled CplusC to deliver the highest quality projects acknowledged through industry awards and reviews for over a decade.

Visualise the Space

We now live in the age where visualisations increasingly dominate architectural communication. For clients, complex and detailed architectural designs shown in perspective are much easier to understand and comprehend than 2D plans and sections. This enables the overall look and feel of the design to be quickly communicated much faster than hand sketching and analogue or digital collaging. For architects, once a comprehensive digital model has been prepared, computer renders are relatively quick to produce and easy to modify. It is possible to render perspective images at different times of day, in different weather and lighting conditions and from different angles to show the same room throughout the year. Computer software allows for elements to quickly be placed, moved, and deleted when compared to traditional revisions which involve erasing and redrawing. Renders allow architects and clients to evaluate spatial qualities and their impact before they are built, which can assist in identifying design preferences prior to construction. CplusC is also pioneering the use of more interactive panoramas which give you an opportunity to preview your design before construction begins.

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