Aquas Perma Solar Firma Wins at the Sustainability Awards

CplusC's win at the Sustainable Building Awards 2016 has been published on 'Architecture & Design'

American Architecture Prize

We are proud to announce that we have been awarded three American Architecture Prizes

Let's Get Sirius About Heritage

The NSW Heritage Council has unanimously recommended that the Sirius building be listed on the NSW State Heritage Register

CplusC Wins Four MBA Awards

CplusC has been awarded four 2016 Master Builders Association Excellence in Housing awards

CplusC celebrates PARK(ing) Day!

PARK(ing) Day is an annual event where people, artists and activists worldwide transform parking spaces into temporary public spaces

Jury Member - BDAV

Director Clinton Cole has recently had the honour of being a jury member in the 21st annual Building Designer Association of Victoria Awards

Cleveland Street Revamp

Clever, well-designed spaces can be the catalyst to transform our environments

Architects Who Build

Linda Bennett of Archi-ninja interviewed CplusC director Clinton Cole

Know Your Rights – Architects, Photography and Copyright Law

The architectural field’s representation online is primarily through photo heavy industry websites

Architects, Copyright and Real Estate Listing

Each year billions of dollars changes hands as part of the residential property market

Paul Pholeros

Paul Pholeros, a unique and generous contributor to Australian architecture over several decades, recently passed away at 62 years of age

Daniel Kirk - Rio Paralympics

Daniel Kirk aims to quality for the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games

What is Augmented Reality?

You may have heard the term “augmented reality” in recent years but what is it and how is it relevant to architecture?

Green Square Aquatic Centre Design Competition

The CplusC team enjoyed working collaboratively to explore concepts for this public design competition held by the City of Sydney Council.

Backyard Aquaponics – A Sustainable Food Source

Aquaponics is about growing fish and vegetables in a productive and integrated system, suitable for backyards. In essence, aquaponics can be thought of as the merging of both aquaculture and hydroponics to create one sustainable system.