Backyard Aquaponics – A Sustainable Food Source

Aquaponics is about growing fish and vegetables in a productive and integrated system, suitable for backyards. In essence, aquaponics can be thought of as the merging of both aquaculture and hydroponics to create one sustainable system.

Urapuntja: Building Self-Sufficiency

Heading North-east from Alice Springs, a long and dusty drive up the Sandover Highway brings you to the Urapuntja Homelands. A community distinctive for being dispersed over hundreds of kilometres and renowned for its art work, particularly the interpretation of batik techniques that were introduced in the 1970s and 1980s.

Inspiration in India

Architecture embodies a response to place. To see a site with fresh eyes, to gain understanding of the character, rhythm and energy of that place, is a necessity for great architects.