Daniel Kirk was a talented football player for Glenelg in the South Australian National Football League (SANFL), when he suffered a permanent and debilitating ankle injury that ended his football career, at age 30.

The natural athlete has put his injury’s side effects of restricted ankle movement and constant pain behind him and now aims to quality for the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games in the as a thrower in discus.

Daniel is on way to achieving his dream, having thrown the qualifying distance of 46.4m for the Rio Games, with a personal best of 47.3m.

CplusC Architectural Workshop are proud to be supporting Daniel, as his major sponsor throughout his journey towards the Rio 2016 Paralympics. As Daniel’s major sponsors we have supported him with his:

  • Ankle orthosis brace
  • Sporting equipment
  • Travels across Australia for athletic gatherings
  • Athletic fees
  • Flexibility to take time away from work
  • Elite coaching and training

This reduces financial stresses, allowing for Daniel to focus more so on preparation of qualifying for the Rio games. Daniel is also interested in being an advocate and mentor, being involved with the charity KickStart4Kids, which helps disadvantaged children, whilst also aspiring to be a politician. CplusC Architectural Workshop are proud to be supporting such an inspiring Athlete, and hope to see him make it all the way to Rio!