Queens Park Residence

This alteration and addition uses a simple, modern approach to materials and finishing that introduces a contemporary theme to this heritage listed house whilst maintaining the contribution the house makes to the streetscape. The social areas of the house are orientated towards the rear to appreciate the district views of Randwick and Centennial Park with a pool extending out from an entertaining deck, while the butterfly roof allows light and warmth to enter the kitchen and living room all hours throughout the day. Expressed timber structure and natural finishes contrast with the masonry, painted surfaces and decorative detailing of the existing house. The use of timber continues outside with timber battened privacy screens on either side of the balcony creating corners of privacy in an otherwise exposed setting. The natural conditions of the site are reflected in the design response through framed windows and orientation. The final result of the alteration and addition is outwardly expressed from the rear yet hidden at the front and adds a surprising factor to the experience of the house.

Photographed by Jackie Chan

“We chose CplusC to design our renovations as we loved their aesthetics and use of space, especially their use of wood in their designs.

We found that they were attentive and creative throughout the briefing process…

Most importantly we are thrilled with the final result of an elegant, livable and spacious home.”

Jane and Tom