Waverley Residence


2016 World Architecture Awards –
Selected for WA Award 22nd Cycle 

2015 International Architecture Awards (Private Residence) –
Honorable Mention

2016 Trend International Design Awards (Kitchen) –
Highly Commended 



The project is located on the east coast of Australia near the beaches of Sydney. Designed for a young family with four children under the age of 6 the planning was generated by a need for growth, flexibility, diversity and the evolution of spatial function over time. The design is delivered as a sum of complex and beautifully detailed parts and challenges the notion of the singular architectural conceptual approach to contemporary architecture. A high priority is placed on sustainability in terms of both the embodied energy of the project with re-use of stone, brick and timber from the demolition of the original structure in the new works, to the minimal running costs of the project achieved with a photovoltaic system, rainwater storage and a wind powered generator.

Photographed by Jackie Chan

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