Iron Maiden House

Iron Maiden House is located in the Sydney suburb of Longueville, a small residential area on the peninsula between Tambourine Bay and Woodford Bay. The site is afforded views of the Lane Cove River and the Sydney CBD. Iron Maiden House was designed for a family of five, returning to Sydney from many years living in Hong Kong. Accustomed to the oceanic subtropical monsoon climate of Hong Kong, the clients were looking for a home that used passive design principles to heat and cool the building. They weren’t afraid to challenge traditional notions of what a home should and shouldn’t be, requesting a generous connection to the outdoors to enjoy and entertain family and friends.

Photographed by Murray Fredericks and Michael Lassman

We found CplusC “on the “internet” – and what a great find it was. We have been living in Hong Kong while our house was being built by CplusC and we had simply “left it in their hands”. This suited us well because they were both architect and builder – and not only that, they were great people. The reason we decided to re-build was because there was never enough light going into the original house (among many other issues). With this new home, there is natural light in every corner. It is also a very sustainable home with plenty of spaces for our three children. We wanted an inside-out house after 2 decades of apartment living and CplusC delivered just that and more. They had amazing insight on how we could live and grow with this home. So thank you CplusC for thinking for us – this is where we would want to spend the next 2 decades and more!

Li-Yan Yip