Age in Place and Climatic Design

A key design consideration in the Curl Curl Residence was the Client’s intent to ‘age in place’. Ease of entry and internal circulation are vital components in delivering this outcome. The driveway slopes gently to the entry point, responding to the site’s topography, and provides step-free access to the occupants’ entry to the home.
Internally, there are limited level changes, which mitigates trip hazards and supports the potential use of mobility aids.  The internal circulation is arranged in such a way that there is always more than one path to a destination – this eliminates the need to provide space hungry ‘turning areas’ and reduced the overall footprint of the house. In addition to the circulation strategy, ‘arthritis friendly’ fittings were selected to ensure amenity for the occupants now and into the future. At present the guest entry stairs have shallow risers are used on the front of the site, however there is an option to install a lift in the future.

The residence also responds to the changing climatic conditions. The two ponds support cross ventilation and evaporative cooling, utilising and cooling the north westerly breezes. They also reflect natural light and become viewing points from the two bedrooms and bathroom.

The overall design responds to changing climatic conditions by providing:

Natural ventilation from all directions

Two Ponds

Vegetation that cools the summer breeze

Large awnings

Timber battened screens to block sunlight, while also providing privacy